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• 1/16/2019

Free music for your Creepypasta Narrations!

Hi Everyone!

To help the writers and narrators of one of my latest addictions out a bit, I've decided to make some of my music available for free to be used in your creepypasta narrations. All that music can be found on this page:

Really hope this helps! :)

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• 12/28/2018
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• 12/28/2018
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• 5/28/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors:

Have fun!
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• 9/1/2014

Freepasta Shutting Down

I'm sorry to say, after a ceremonious exclusion from the CPW Network, Freepasta will be shutting down in a week's time. It was fun putting this project together and seeing it gather what few people it did, but I simply don't have the time to maintain a wiki if it's in such disuse.
I apologize to those of you who did frequent and enjoy it, and will still be a regular on CPW and SPW if ever I'm needed to be contacted.
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• 8/19/2014

Introducing Quality Tags

I've been thinking about implementing some sort of ratings system on this wiki for a while to help distinguish between pastas which are good and those which are not-so-good, in the absence of quality standards... because, while we may not delete pastas for quality reasons, that doesn't mean they're not still judged by the community. It can be very useful for readers to be able to filter out certain less-than-stunning articles.
Thus, the Damn Fine Pasta and Crappypasta tags (names may change if we can come up with better ones). These are Admin-only tags that are attached to articles that have proven themselves to be either a cut above or a cut below the rest, as determined by the comments/feedback it receives and the admins' objective-as-possible judgement.
As a reader, this means you'll be able to separate the articles that were written over the course of a few days from those written in a few minutes; and, as a site user, this means your feedback will help bring great pastas to light (and bad ones to... um... dark?). So share your comments! Loud and proud!
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• 8/12/2014


Note, this pasta is currently under construction, so please forgive it if it's unfinished. It WILL be finished, soon enough.
It was just another ordinary day in our server, with me, jasonmachlol, being the founder of it. However, I noticed my friend, Kirrasio, wasn't on. Shrugging in real life, I thought she had to do something and checked my mailbox. I had a paper and a book. The book wasn't titled anything and it was from Kirrasio.
I put both of them in my inventory and opened the book and it was a 1-page letter (Sometimes a sentence in a word program is a whole page in a Minecraft book).
Jason, please, as soon as you get this paper, burn it in the lava. Do not use it or you'll suffer the same fate I did. Luckily, I managed to send this before he got me. Again, DO NOT USE IT. He will get you while sleeping if you do, so don't use it. I can't burn it myself. There wasn't enough time.
"Pfft, probably Kirrasio playing with the mods, eh, loraine?" I asked my friend, loraina88, the only other user that plays on our server.
"But Jason, this is vanilla Minecraft. We never installed a creepypasta mod onto the server." She replied.
(To Be Continued)
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• 8/12/2014

Wiki Chat and Achievements

I'd like to know public opinion about these two features.
The Chat feature is currently inactive on this wiki. I decided not to activate it just because, as of yet, the community is small enough that it doesn't seem necessary, and I don't want to detract from the traffic to the Spinpasta Wiki chat, which is kind of the chat hub of the CPW network. If people think it would be useful to have on this wiki, and widely-enough used, then I could activate the feature.
Achievements, unlike the other creepypasta wikis, are inactive here because I just don't see any positive outcome to activating them. They encourage competition in the form of pointsgaming by their very nature (the whole point of achievements is to try to obtain them), which is against the rules on the network and would flood the site with a lot of spam content. I'm more firm on this decision, but if public opinion is overwhelming enough, I might be swayed to reconsider.
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• 8/6/2014

I'm Thelalaloopsygirl!

Hi, I'm one of the first people here on the Freepasta wiki. I'd love to see this place grow and now that I'm turning 14 pretty soon, I'm growing a really good interest for writing creepy stuff! :D
Let's talk to each other so I can know you by leaving a message on my talk page! :D
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• 8/6/2014

Xelrog Here

This is mostly just an example thread so no one has to feel intimidated by starting the first one in Introductions.
Xelrog Thaldmeadite Apocalypse, at your service. I'm the founder of Freepasta and an admin over on Spinpasta. I really hope to see this site grow and thrive in the weeks to come, and am always open to feedback about it... or just random chat, if that's what you're into.
Drop me a line on my talk page anytime.
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• 8/6/2014

Spooky Village Headphone Music

This is basically my first spinpasta based on something I heard on a game, so everything about the creepy noises is ACTUALLY real! Except for the whispering part. I heard some noise IRL while playing at midnight with the lights off and headphones on. and thought it was whispering. And there's no ghost. If you don't believe it when I say the noises are real, try it yourself the next time you go to Spooky Village.
Spooky Village. Aaaah, the memories. I decided to go revisit those memories by making another character. Once she hit level 30, I went to Spooky Village. I also had new headphones, so I decided to put them on as I was waiting to get teleported to Spooky. 
Once I got there (With headphones still on) I noticed something odd about the music. It seemed more intense. There was more creepy noises. The creaking door noise was way louder, but even though the creaking door was loud, I heard something really faint in the distance. It sounded like a heartbeat or two. Wondering what was happening, I pressed my hands on my headphones. There was a moaning noise, some whispering, and then I heard someone whisper, "She's here." I saw a ghost after that for a quick second. It had the face of a girl about the age of 18.
I unplugged my headphones, logged onto Trinket and told the guild about the creepy noises and what was happening. No one said anything for two minutes. I again repeated my question. Duplo didn't say anything. He just gave me a link. It was a tinyurl and it was called "SpookyVillageLegend" I typed it into Google Chrome and I found an article on OGPlanet with black background and white text, no pictures. This isn't like the ordinary notification OGPlanet would make. The article said:
"A lot of people have been sending Help Desk Tickets about why they heard so many more creepy noises with headphones on then when they weren't wearing them in Spooky Village, plus seeing ghosts that aren't Miss Gagas. We didn't want to shock you about why this happened, but more and more Help Desk Tickets came and we finally decided to tell you. (Note, this is a long read)
"We were in our office, when we decided to create Spooky Village for players from level 30-90 to get more XP and level up more easily. We posted a notification about this. As we were coding it in, someone broke into our office through the window. He had a gun. Not the foam LaTale guns we used for fun when we were bored and not coding stuff in. It was a real gun. He pointed it onto the heads of [GM]SnowyLove, who was wearing headphones.
"He demanded that they gave him the job that Snowy got or she will die. We told him no and we have a reason why we hired Snowy instead of him and he shot her. We were punished for doing the right thing. He looked up at all of us and said "She's no longer with you. She's here." He pointed to her computer, where she was testing out Spooky Village to make sure there was no glitches. He left.
"The next day, we had hired a new GM to replace SnowyLove. He had brought his headphones with him. He sat down, plugged it in, and went to LaTale to test out Spooky Village. Immediately after he had gone inside Spooky Village, he said, "There are creepy noises in the music while I'm wearing headphones. Plus I saw a ghost in the distance, and it was NOT a Miss Gaga." We asked him to list down all these noises. He had listed down: A heartbeat, a moaning noise, the door creaking noise they added much louder, whispering noises, and he also heard someone whisper, "She's here."
"We jumped when we heard him list the last noise, all ten of us. Hoping it was a joke (And the last noise sort of a sick joke), we all plugged in our headphones and went into Spooky. All the noises he had listed was in there, including the ghost. We were surprised when we saw the ghost. It was the face of SnowyLove. We had to take out the noises and the ghost so no one would freak out about it, but we couldn't. Every time we tried, the next time we went in the noises were back and the ghost was there. We even tried deleting Spooky then recoding it and the noises were still there and we saw the ghost. So we just left it. 
"Please, after this notification don't send any more Help Desk Tickets about the weird noises or the ghost. It will result in getting your account suspended." 
If I can't send any more Help Desk Tickets about it, I might as well experiment and see what happens. I mean, what can go wrong? It's not like BEN Drowned will attack me or something if I see what's going on. So I used a special software to analyze the audio of that Spooky Village music. The software kept creating weird images that showed messages, like "Turn it off." and "Stop listening." like when the Lavender Town Syndrome created an Unown (Whatever that is) at the end of the video, but the messages kept on coming through the whole video.
I saved it and uploaded it to YouTube. It was removed in five minutes. Why? I uploaded it again and it was removed once I refreshed the page (About five seconds later) I Googled up why YouTube would do that and none of the reasons was why my video was removed. All it was was just the analyzation of the Spooky Village headphone music with my software. Now it's like Herobrine.
I had burned the song onto a CD, named it "SPOOKY" and put it in my box of CDs where I forgot about it. I never did find out more about the music after that, but sometimes when I play it on Listenonrepeat with my headphones on the whispering changes from "She's here." to things like "Turn it off."... 
Eight Months Later
I was digging around in my trunk, pretending I was a treasure hunter even though I'm 14 now, when I sudenly found my old radio! It was dusty, but it worked. I thought I'd get a CD and play a little music, so I grabbed my CD box and began taking CDs out, when I stumbled across a CD called "SPOOKY" I had forgotten about the time I tried to figure out about Spooky, so I inserted the CD and listened. It was the music you would hear in Spooky Village, with all the details you would also hear with headphones, except I wasn't wearing any headphones. 

Two days later, I came down with a cold and felt horrible and I still have it. I think the "ghost" got me or something. I don't know if this is my last entry or not. If I don't write anymore down, that means it's my last entry.
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• 8/5/2014

Freepasta Goes Live!

That's right, the Freepasta Wiki is now live.
After much debate, hard work, and more than a few bad jokes, "Spinpasta 2" has turned into an actual project that, with a little love and support, may soon join the Creepypasta Wiki Network as its newest and youngest member. But we need all of you to make that happen.
Think of this site as an anarchist version of the other CPW Network wikis. We take any and all varieties of pastas, ranging from any and every degree of quality. Of course, this is going to attract a very wide variety of users and contributors to the site. That means that whether or not this site becomes a successful community hinges on the behavior of... well, exactly that: the community.
Now, I know what you're thinking. Trusting people on the internet seems like an incredibly foreign, and probably incredibly stupid, concept. Frankly, I'm not saying it isn't.
BUT! A little freedom goes a long ways. Let's give this thing a shot and see if we can make it work. Mayhaps it'll just turn into a veritable pastebin of pastas both creepy and crappy (in fact I'm fairly certain it will), but as long as we build a decent community of readers and contributors around that, what does it really matter? The more the merrier!
So, get some of your friends on here, and help us grow to be the community we all want to be!
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