Freepasta Goes Live!

That's right, the Freepasta Wiki is now live.

After much debate, hard work, and more than a few bad jokes, "Spinpasta 2" has turned into an actual project that, with a little love and support, may soon join the Creepypasta Wiki Network as its newest and youngest member. But we need all of you to make that happen.

Think of this site as an anarchist version of the other CPW Network wikis. We take any and all varieties of pastas, ranging from any and every degree of quality. Of course, this is going to attract a very wide variety of users and contributors to the site. That means that whether or not this site becomes a successful community hinges on the behavior of... well, exactly that: the community.

Now, I know what you're thinking. Trusting people on the internet seems like an incredibly foreign, and probably incredibly stupid, concept. Frankly, I'm not saying it isn't.

BUT! A little freedom goes a long ways. Let's give this thing a shot and see if we can make it work. Mayhaps it'll just turn into a veritable pastebin of pastas both creepy and crappy (in fact I'm fairly certain it will), but as long as we build a decent community of readers and contributors around that, what does it really matter? The more the merrier!

So, get some of your friends on here, and help us grow to be the community we all want to be!