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Wiki Chat and Achievements

I'd like to know public opinion about these two features.

The Chat feature is currently inactive on this wiki. I decided not to activate it just because, as of yet, the community is small enough that it doesn't seem necessary, and I don't want to detract from the traffic to the Spinpasta Wiki chat, which is kind of the chat hub of the CPW network. If people think it would be useful to have on this wiki, and widely-enough used, then I could activate the feature.

Achievements, unlike the other creepypasta wikis, are inactive here because I just don't see any positive outcome to activating them. They encourage competition in the form of pointsgaming by their very nature (the whole point of achievements is to try to obtain them), which is against the rules on the network and would flood the site with a lot of spam content. I'm more firm on this decision, but if public opinion is overwhelming enough, I might be swayed to reconsider.


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My thought about the chat... This community is currently not well known enough, and if activated right now, it would just end up like SPWC currently in the moment, or the chances of it being hated like the case with CPWC may arise, so basically it may become abandoned as no peoples bother to go there. I will do not encourage it until this has become a bigger community.

For Achievements, of course I will also talk about Pointsgaming, you should not forgot that this wiki accepts trollpastas too, and peoples are just very likely to spam unfunny trollpastas on this wiki, and maybe just for achievements, and qualitive creepypastas could be very likely rarely posted on this wiki, even through this wiki didn't have QS, this should also be reconsidered.

I will consider if these features should be added to this wiki or not, judging from the quality of the other wikis in CPN.

I don't think chat or achievements should be here, becuase A. For chat, everyone could just be talking and not writing any pastas, B. Achievements, like what Godofmemez said, everyone would be rapid firing crap trollpastas (Yes, I just said crap trollpastas) just for achievements.

But there could be one good thing about chats: Sometimes you can create good pastas with others from the chat.

Achievements, no.

Chat, still thinking it over.

Well, that makes me feel more confident in my decisions. I was worried I would get nothing but complaints about the two features not being present. The chat, we'll see about if the wiki gets a much larger community, but for now we don't need it.

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