Note, this pasta is currently under construction, so please forgive it if it's unfinished. It WILL be finished, soon enough.

It was just another ordinary day in our server, with me, jasonmachlol, being the founder of it. However, I noticed my friend, Kirrasio, wasn't on. Shrugging in real life, I thought she had to do something and checked my mailbox. I had a paper and a book. The book wasn't titled anything and it was from Kirrasio.

I put both of them in my inventory and opened the book and it was a 1-page letter (Sometimes a sentence in a word program is a whole page in a Minecraft book).

Jason, please, as soon as you get this paper, burn it in the lava. Do not use it or you'll suffer the same fate I did. Luckily, I managed to send this before he got me. Again, DO NOT USE IT. He will get you while sleeping if you do, so don't use it. I can't burn it myself. There wasn't enough time.



"Pfft, probably Kirrasio playing with the mods, eh, loraine?" I asked my friend, loraina88, the only other user that plays on our server.

"But Jason, this is vanilla Minecraft. We never installed a creepypasta mod onto the server." She replied.

(To Be Continued)