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Introducing Quality Tags

I've been thinking about implementing some sort of ratings system on this wiki for a while to help distinguish between pastas which are good and those which are not-so-good, in the absence of quality standards... because, while we may not delete pastas for quality reasons, that doesn't mean they're not still judged by the community. It can be very useful for readers to be able to filter out certain less-than-stunning articles.

Thus, the Damn Fine Pasta and Crappypasta tags (names may change if we can come up with better ones). These are Admin-only tags that are attached to articles that have proven themselves to be either a cut above or a cut below the rest, as determined by the comments/feedback it receives and the admins' objective-as-possible judgement.

As a reader, this means you'll be able to separate the articles that were written over the course of a few days from those written in a few minutes; and, as a site user, this means your feedback will help bring great pastas to light (and bad ones to... um... dark?). So share your comments! Loud and proud!

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When I DO become an admin (Which probably won't happen, though, I'm not counting on it), I'm tagging all your pastas as Damn Fine!

well that's very kind of you.

Anyway, don't worry, I'm talking to other network admins about getting more traffic over here. When things get more active we'll start needing more staff.

Mmmk. But for now, I'm just gonna post pastas in Writers' Workshop. After alll, I still have a PIP (Pasta In Progress) there!


Oh yeah, because you can post pastas that need to be reviewed for quality before bein' put on the other wikis of CPN, that's goin' to be a good feature 'cause everything must be sorted from each other

The only thing that matters is that admins on the site could be too lazy to add the categories when there's too many pages, so this site could be more active.

I considered making the category something that could be added by anyone with user rights, rollback and above, but I feel like then we would run into several cases of users who might make good rollbacks and use those privileges responsibly, but may not be objective or unbiased enough to judge appropriately. It would require a lot of trust for the rollback privilege--more than is really necessary for the job. So, for now, it's Admin-only.

If the site grows, we'll look for more admins. Unless it very suddenly EXPLODES with traffic, I don't foresee an issue--and even if that does happen, all it will mean is that the new admins will have a backlog to work on.

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