Grains have fallen in the ground, grains want the rain. It needs the rain. Carve my chest, look at my inside, you'll see that there everything burning in fire. For day will be late, for hour will be late, for one moment to stand up it will be impossible. If you can't open door by key, break it in by your shoulder.

Between fingers is steel, fist is clenched. Beat higher hand that tormenting flesh , but inside of blood in veins is poison, slowly poison. Disturbed world, broken foreheads, bread broken into pieces and now someone are weeping and someone are silent, and someone are so happy, someone are so happy ...

You must be strong, you must learn how to say: "Hands off, off from me!" You must be strong or why are you living for?. What will be cost as thousand of words, when will be important the strength of hand? And now you are staying on the shore and thinking : "To swim or not to swim?"

Mother, all of us have serious illness... Mother, I know that all of us gone crazy...

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