disclamer im bad at spelling sorry :c now to da theroy dont be a grammer nazi and this may be bad for u sonic fans im a sonic fan to and dont ban meh

now is his countless adventues useless YES why? becuise what is robotnix or eggman capble of makeing robots

factorys robots and a timetraveling robot you know normal stuff.Then how is sonic so fast why is their spikes in a forset and hill sides becuse its not real why thats why hes not fast as he says he is.he was in a fake world and well for seven years then he escaped sonic adventure 1 one and two is him being free no one knows him or likes him every time u beat egg man was for revenge for you being trapped. you are asking what about tails or knuckles or amy they got in his way eggman or robotnixs way so he did the same thing trap them in a fake world now thats only the half of it see you next time were it gets darker AGAIN IM SORRY ALL SONIC FANS


I like this wiki